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Automobile Display : Golf GTI

Every 10 years will be born one kind of genuine great automobile. Variant Tricks to Eradicate the Stain of your cell phones In the 70s, this model of vehicle was Golf. Such as the VW Beetles before ,the golf is planned to occupy the global auto market. However, when the Beetle car has grown into an outstanding consumer product, golf is in the planning and design stage. Produce a "sensational" car,the idea of Golf is not a part of company's ambitious plans , its production is almost completely by accident. The group of enthusiastic engineers in Volkswagen use nights and weekends to work, and their ideas left a profound impression on the public company's board. The GTI of Golf became to the official items of the company in May 1975 finally, but the top managers of Volkswagen public hold a skeptical attitude to this car. They thought the Golf might have problems in sales overturning the traditional concept Of the GTI. It was lucky to sell 500 units per year. But no one would have thought that the Golf GTI sell more than 5,000 in the first year , just after Golf GTI was officially released in Frankfurt in1975, that also officially opened a high-performance hatchback Legend of Golf GTI Golf MK I was tidy and spacious with a compact structure. And it was admirably expected to see the trend of hatch back vehicle in the 70s. Golf was made lightly handled in the factory assemble only with a GTI logo and a red narrow trim surrounded the middle network. If the car owner will show off, he can fix body kit and double headlamps components. At the beginning, only the 5000 GTI was allowed to produce as a car, but a smooth running engine and a smooth driving performance increase sales.Digital Electronics Also Turn into the Luxurious that are Affordable by Common People

Although the GTI was very young, It was a model of classic car like any kind of Ferrari. To Criticize the Beauty and Myths of cell phones It brings a kind of car which the car buyers of mass-market can afford, and it has both excellent performance and reliability. There are rare cars like early Golf GTI cars touched the people`s hearts in suburbs and there are less cars that can provide great momentum at such early ages. The inner of cabin adopted the fuscous decorative melody which might reflect the simplicity of Teuton. However, such as a characteristic thing,the shifter which has same shape of golf , adds humour factor Equipped with wider wheels and tires, GTI auto's suspension is lower and firmer than other ordinary Golf cars. The front wheel disc brakes is ventilated type, equipped with a larger booster organizations, but continuing to use the rear drum brake is a big mistake - the early golf is very reluctant to "stop" down. Furthermore, 1.588 L4-cylinder engine adopted the fuel injection engine of Bosch, with a output power of 82.1 KW. And then the cars are changed for five grade transmission and 1.781l engine which is more sensitive. In shape, GTI has a small front spoiler. This kind of large spoiler which are fixed after sales, make the car appear more lower and beautiful.To Praise 10 the Most Popular Electric Accessories as Gifts for Female This Year

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