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A Story on Most Splendid Gem - Flanders

In the United States, Tiffany jewelry with a history of 160 years of is glorious; In northern Europe, Flanders jewelry with 80 years history is bright. FLANDERS is named after its place of origin - the Flemish region of northern Belgium. Since the 11th century it has been the richest region in Europe, and it gradually has a proud culture in several hundred years of trade and industrial development. The naming of Flanders jewelry is a beautiful commemoration of the long history of its birthplace. The distant and unique cultural accumulation of the Flemish region accomplished Flanders` unique brand style -- low-profile but luxurious.Thanks Giving Ideas â€[ Gifts, Activities, and Computer Accessories

The beautiful legend made Flanders the focus of the jewelry field, it was also related with the Belgium royal class by long and romantic link. In 1927, FLANDERS was founded in Belgium Antwerp by Charlie Friedrich's father. Flanders is named as its born place-Flanders, which capital is named as the word diamond capital.You See, Electric Accessories Overpower the Fashion Trend of Dnepropetrovsk

In 1977, Lewy-Friedrich established by Charlie Friedrich became the sightholder of DTC and Charlie started to take over Flanders officially. What is Most First-Class Gifts for Singers? Android product ! FLANDERS, though continuous exploration and numerous improvements, in 1983, the brilliant Flanders Cut Diamond came out. Her emergence made FLANDERS once again become the focus of attention. On the basis of the characteristic of Flanders Cut, Flanders has created a unique mosaic method and orbital mosaic method. This innovation injected the new vigor into the jewel brand of several decades of history, making its networks cover all over the world and enlarging its sale shop to the number of 400.

In 1991, entrusted by the Antwerp government, FLANDERS designed the official present for the Belgium princess PaoLa. Charlie who was the founder of FLADNERS was the designer personally and carefully selected the Flanders Cut Diamond which was created by FLANDERS to express the respect to the royal family. As Charlie thinks, only the Flanders Cut can exhibit the brilliant of queen to the full. To highlight the Queen`s uniqueness, the entire ring was based on a diamond, the overall shape is very simple yet highly creative, which was well received by the Queen Paola.

After gaining the praise for the royalty, FLANDERS was entitled to customize the engaging jewel for Belgium prince Philippe. Charlie Friedrich invited by the Antwerp government sent the gift which was a pendant embedding the Flanders Cut diamond to the princess Mathilde in January 2000. It is a passionate combination of royal family tradition and fashion, that is, not only fully displaying the princess` calm, elegance and charm, but also showing the royal solemnity and dignity. Royal Fascination series began the pendant sent Princess Mathilde. Every work of the FLANDERS was full of the romantic spirit for 80 years.

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