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General Knowledge of Earphone And Principles to Choose

In the strict sense of the word, the headphone is a listening gear with rather big sound body which should be worn on the head. It is not the earplug adapted to most Walkmans. Transducer according to the principle of headphones can be divided into two broad categories: electric (dynamic) and capacitance (electrostatic type). The electronic headphone is to enable the diaphragm to give off sound by making the current go through the loops in the magnetic field. Simply structured, it is highly sensitive and can bear massive power while proving steady sound. Capacitance of wireless headphones circle, generally the diaphragm can be made as a movable electrode, when the diaphragm coupled with electrical signals, due to changes in the polarity of the signal generated on the electrode point of attraction and repulsion of the vibration, and thus to be sound. Its characteristic is the frequency band is rather wide and the sound quality is excellent. However it is complicated in construction and the price is rather high.Reminder:! Writers all Are Obsessed with cell phones

  • What is the good headphone? Firstly, the sound should be pure and true. 5 Wrong Ideas You Should Comprehend About ipod nano case

The sound units of the headphones do not need a larger electric powder. It usually is no more than 0.2W. Therefore, the siganls from the sound source do not need go through the an amplification circuit and main the genuine sound. Thanks to the use of hi-tech materials, full-range earphone regeneration is not difficult anymore. A better headphone's frequency response index is better than 20-20KHZ, some more advanced ones can even get to 10-30KHZ, with distortion factor below 0.2%. It is such a high standard difficult for most sound systems. As the diaphragm of the headphones is small, so the transient characteristic of it is also very good with strong controlling ability, Unlike the speaker whose replay quality of sound falls off because of the influence of piston motion, the headphone has the high resolving quality, large dynamic range as well as natural and pure sound.Soundest Xmas Embellishments: Tools for Home and office

  • They are rich of sense of space. The sound field sensed with headphones is centered on the head and spreads in front like a sphere, while the sound field of the sound system spreads in front of the listeners or unfolded.

So, put on headphones is like sitting in the middle of the front of the concert hall, almost climbed to the position of the conductor, the whole body immersed in music as the sound. This feeling can be extraordinary!

  • Accurate direction sense. The characteristic of the headhphones is only one. It can accurately restore the musical instruments carried out the stereo oritentation treatment from the sound engineer and fully display the sound that the bands have played again through different direction treatment.

But it is difficult for the sound system to do this. As we all know, after the sound has been well located, there is a fixed listening position. The headphones can easily move around. You must feel pretty good at this time!

Pay attention to a technical indicator in purchasing headphones - impedance. The impedance of middle-level or low level headphones is usually between 30 to 50 OHM, which can be directly inserted for the players and other devices, such as: VCD, LD, CD, DVD, CARD, radios, etc.. Dynamic impedance of high-end headphones is more than 300 OHM or more, which is available requiring to be promoted by a dedicated headphone amplifier, such as: Singhai HD-580, HD-600's impedance is 300 OHM.

After listening to my description above is not echocardiography, and cardiac better action, immediately to buy. You may even not believe your Walkman headphones in after the change of sound quality will be such a big improvement.

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