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Apple IPhone - Innovative Mobile Communication Equipment

iPhone has a powerful HTML email client end, which can let you get your e-mail in the background from most POP3 or IMAP mail Server in which the photos and graphs can be shown together. With a multi-task function, you could read webpage while downloading e-mail through iPhone.The False Ideas of Home and office Decorations You Should Know

Yahoo! E-mail is the world's largest supplier of electronic Mail services, and users are more than 2. What's Inspiring now?: ipod nano case !5 million, now provide all the iPhone users a new free "push" IMAP electronic mail services, which automatically push the new E-mail into the users' iPhone, and the setting is simple, only need you input your Yahoo! user name and password. iPhone also supports most industry standard IMAP and POP email services, such as Microsoft Exchange, Apple. Mac Mail and ISP mail services.

Iphone also provides the most advanced and interesting web browser in the world through the Apple Corporation's Safari™ browser(iphone edition) which has gained special reputation several times. Users can see any web page in the designed way, and then just use their fingers to click iPhone's multi-touch display, thus you can easily expand any part of the web page. Users can go surfing online wherever they are through Wi-Fi or EDGF and renew their bookmark in their PC or Mac.

iPhone's Safari browser has the built-in Google Search and Yahoo! Search, so users instantly search the information on their iPhone just like computers. iPhone also includes Google Maps which uses Google's maps service and iPhone's amazing maps software make users access to the best ever map experience in pocket devices industrial. Users can view maps, satellite images, traffic information and directions from iPhone's extraordinary and easy-to-use touch interface.

Give the advanced built-in sensors: a accelerometer, a proximity sensor and a light sensor around, can enhance the user experience and prolong battery life. iPhone's built-in accelerometer can detect when the user rotates it from vertical to horizontal positon and then accordingly change the content display automatically. Thus, the user can instantly see the entire width of the photo page. Give the proximity sensor with user can detect the iPhone to ear when nearby, and immediately shut off the screen to save power and prevent touch, until the iPhone to be removed. Light sensor inborn will change the lamination of screen in accordance with the surroundings automatically so as to improve users` experience and save on energy.

People in science and technology industry understand the true meaning of "User experience is a core competitiveness" through operating the easy-to-use touch screen and microsoft technology under the direction of iphone. For Apple, ease of use and natural convenience degree of operation, not the so-called selling point has already become a soul product. iPod is the case, and iPhone is also true. User experience is a problem that it is simple to say and complex to practice, but also is more and more concerned. Not many businesses can really do this job well. The users` experience is not innovation, it means that we should do well the details that is ignored. Just as Steve Jobs said wisely"what you realize is not important, while how you realize is important."

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