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To Conceal Of Your Years By Means Of Good Care Of Of Your Eyes

Eyes are windows of the soul. Why People in Saratov all Prefer 2010 fashion trends Women have many eye expressions: blurred, sentimental, simple and watery. But it's also the part that most likelt to leak the secret of your age, in order to get younger, take care of eye skin careful.25 Indications Why You Should Browse 2010 fashion trends Every Day

35 years old focus on practicing flexibility, eyebags, fat particles and other issues will appear more than small fine lines at this age. What's Treasure now?: 2010 fashion trends ! Sensitive and fragile side of eyes is the most conspicuous symbol of revealing the secret of your age and accelerating ageing of the skin. Eye care at this time should focus on eye skin smooth practice. Tips: 30 years old, due to the lack of collagen, the eye skin will become increasingly light and transparent, so the phase of eye-care series need to use oil-free formula.

When applying eye-care product, dot with fingers instead of rubbing ferociously, in case that the delicate skin around the eyes may be damaged. If you are 45 years old, you should focus on anti-aging of eye skin. What does 40-year-old woman look like? Is she a gorgeous flower or old and useless tofu dregs.

I believe all women want to be the former on, so during this time, eyescare are especially important. The eye skin problems at this stage are getting more and more serious, the skin metabolism rate at this time is extremely slow thus makes the activating of the cells so important.

A warm refrence: the timing of having an eye mask should have your full attention, the following are a few points: One week after your period is the week that your hormone is rich in your body, you skin metabolism is faster, and you can absorb the nutrition very well, so this is the best time for eyes masks. Partly Bath and partly deposited is speed up circulation; post-exercise metabolism increased rapidly, may stimulus the absorption.

Apply the eye mask before sleeping and then have a good sleep. The nutrition will produce an effect when you are sleeping.

  • The eye mask have the function of speeding up the metabolism and keep the swelling down when you had drank too much water or cried so much. The effect is quick. Of course, you should know the correct way to use eye cream:
  • First, use ring finger of right hand dipped into the cream and take out a few, dot below the left eye, use left hand pull right eye`s eyelid a little down, be sure gently. Massage the eyes from right corner of left eyes to the end with the forth finger of right hand, until it's absorbed. Normal it needs four to five circles. Do the same to right eye.
  • At last, pat the corresponding eyes with the ring finger of two the hands, especially the part of eyebags, this way is good for the blood circulation and dark circles reducing.


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