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Uk, Environmental Advocates Or Fight Against Environment Protection?

According to the report of the British "Guardian" that British environmental groups condemned the British Government on the plan of the sovereign rights of the sea-bed plan, which is 1 million square kilometers of Antarctica, saying the move would damage the ecological system and produce incalculable effects in the region and the world. Do You Have Video Game ? Zoe Saldana Are Crazy about It Very Much! It was indicated by Guardian on 17th that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Britain are working to collect and deal with relative documents and will make consequent claim for sovereignty of Antarctica to UN. 10 Harmful Habits That Will Arouse Damages to Your Video Game If the application passed, British will own the exploration and mining rights of the continental shelf seabed oil, gas and mineral 350 nautical miles extend outward from the Antarctic, it covers a total land area of 1 million square kilometers. For this, Simon Walsney, the person in charge in Britain of Ocean project, World Wild Life Foundation said, "The Antarctica is a very weak area, no nation should be exploit gas and oil here." He added, "Some of the sea creatures there have died out by a global rise in temperature. Once the exploration does begin, it would be a body blow for creatures in the whole region." United Kingdom Greenpeace climate change campaign in charge, however, said the government's move "extremely irresponsible", while difficult to understand.Expert shopping Tips: Video Game

He said, "It's astonishing that the state is leading the international charge on global climate change but also leading the charge for an oil rush." The climate changing has caused huge impact on the Antarctica, absolutely, the government`s decision is wrong in any ways. Analysts believe that in the background that all the states are fighting increasingly fiercely for energy resources, the reason for Britain to seek sovereignty over Antarctica is just to occupy an advantageous position in the future energy competition.

So far, Chile and Argentina havn`t comment on the latest move of British Government on the Antarctic issue. On the other hand, the British government is active to make efforts on environmental protection, such as planning to set up a "green" investment bank. British Chancellor of the Exchequer Darling has recently proposed the establishment of a "green" investment bank as the relevant part of the proposal prior to the Government in formulating the budget.

It is reported, this "green" investment bank will devote itself to provide funds to the low-carbon and eco-friendly environment projects and corporations. Environmentalists and industry groups who support Alistair Darling advice that it will contribute to the renewable energy investment and the sustainable development. Greenpeace head Policy Department Robin aucklysaid that the British government needs to set up a business in order to achieve these goals the main bank. Britain has already committed to substantial cuts in its carbon dioxide emissions. To achieve the above targets, it needs substantial investment to develop "green" technology and low carbon projects. Therefore, Robin Oakley said, "green" investment bank can help the UK to achieve these goals.

E3G is a nonprofit organizations in Britain which is for development of environmentally-friendly programs for the companies. The founder Nick Maybe believes that if the bank is set up, investors would be willing to invest in such low-carbon projects.

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