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A New Environmentalism: Innovation Is The Most Essential

In the eyes of the post-environmentalists, conservation is not the only excuse of protecting the environment, the harvests of surprise and joy of life is also included in the innovation. Who’s Most Beauteous of Them All? car interior accessories ! Although, today, all the nations are trying to save energy and reduce emission to reply for the climate warming. The idea of giving up driving, taking plane, no lighting, no electric appliance and disposable things in life, nonetheless, will turn a lot of people away from living a green life.5 Fabulous Tricks for car parts accessories

Nowadays, a new kind concept of "later environmentalism" makes the preceding "ascetic" life more surprising. The philosophy of environmental protection characterized by innovation and freedom advocated by postenvironmentalists, is great attraction, and being the new fashion for environmental protection quickly. Swedish people, Ronald Link is now enjoying his environmental protection life, which is a good example of post-environmentalism.Recession Chic â€[ How to Be Most Favorable on a Budget

Filament lamp in his home has already retired, and is replaced by the beautiful energy saving lamp which can create the romantic feeling. Meanwhile, Link ' gives up eating for fear of choking', abandons the private car, and chooses the green energy saving car filled with E85 gasoline. Because it contains 85 percent biochemic alcohol, its name is Link said, "It is a real 'green' fuel, not only the raw materials are green plants, but also it is environmental for its carbon dioxide emission is four times less than conventional fuels. The price is also 1 / 5 lower than ordinary gasoline, so it is really good value." Other than using the novel environmental friendly products on the market, creative post environmentalists are also crazy about making little stuff by themselves, which can achieve the goal of protecting the environment as well as enjoying the fun of innovation.In their eyes, garbage is the treasure in the wrong place. They will become very useful things after slight modification.

Claire from Italy is the outstanding among the post environmentalists. She put a zipper to the outdated cassette tape and decorated it a little, then a pretty purse appeared. She also made a handmade clock with disposed CD and electronic components for her family, with which she conveyed the message of green and environmental protection. Jaime, a designer, makes a sort of [green" business card. It is a way to publicize him and it is also a small flowerpot. As is indicated at the back of the name card, a purple medic planted in the name card will begin to grow in four days.

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