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20,000 Audiences Came To The First Run Of Australian Masters And Golf King Leaded The Match

According the source on 12th, Nov, the first round of the Australian Masters Tournament was finished in Kingston - Heath Golf Club in Melbourne. The Australia's Tiger - Woods who was the first exposure to audience after 11 years lived up to expectations and shot 66 (-6), together with South African players -Branden Grace, the Australian players- James, and took the advantage of one to one to obtain a common leading. This week is the Tiger Woods` debut in Australia after the 1998 President's Cup. In today's first round match, a total of 21356 fans went to watch the games live.How to NOT Wear Electric Accessories : Significant Ways

The world-class player Tiger Woods had played an excellent performance in return on his own fans for their support. Woods in the 10-hole tee shot five-hole birdie to win the ball half the two the first half of the match, after the transition place, but again scored five birdies. He got the only bogey regretfully due to the derailed direction of goal at the last hole, the ninth hole. And at last, Woods was positioned as the temporary championship with an excellent performance of 66 scores. "Today I feel very well, shoting very well. My irons did not play so close to the flagpole, but I made full use of five-hole advantage.

I get a bogey at the last hole, and miss two birdies, but except these, today is a very nice day." The grand slam champion in 14 competitions had not succeeded in taking crown in last three games in Australia, while this week is a good opportunity of gaining 93rd success in his personal career. Woods admitted that mild condition contributes to his own advantage this morning. "First, no wind, second, the Greens are soft, so we can launch a fierce attack to hit Greens."

Still, Woods will face the second round tomorrow, starting the afternoon of the situation, it may face the challenge of strong winds and soaring high temperatures. Grace 21-year-old South African who wants to keep his European Tour card for next season in this week's game. The middle of the eight holes of his round,to win the six birdies, Woods once threaten the leading position.

In the winning once again on the 16th hole birdie, Grace was once a leader, but he swallowed the 17th hole bogey and eventually shot 66 to join the group tied for the lead, including Tiger Woods. Grace said: "I make below seven achievements in the remaining two holes time, but I failed in the 17th hole, so the result is very stupid. However I am really very happy, I ranked top in the score list, and I hope to have same performance in next 3 rounds.

After another player who was a paratactic leader 27-year-old Nitties from Australia protected the par patiently in the previous four holes, eagled the 15th pole in the 5th hole, then added 4 birdies, surrendering the 66-stroke without a bogey. Equally in the leading place. He entered the PGA Tour of this year, as a local player, Nittis is expected to maintain the momentum in the folllowing match by using the advantages of familiar with the ground.

Following the three leading edges, the Melbourne the local player- Cameron Percy and the new Zealand player Doug Holloway ranked the fourth place with a 67 (-5) scores, one score under the leading –edges. 29 years old Australia handsome Adam Scott played 71(-1) and randed in the 23rd place. The present No.1 Australis player--Geoff Ogilvy got double bogey in the last hole, he finished with 72 and ranked tied in 44th place.

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