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The Weather In A Few Days Varied And The Match Is Depended On Weather

Player is the absolute protagonist on the field. 5 Hot cell phone accessories Fashion Trend for 2010 Spring While as long as they are welcomed and long-awaited, but the director of this HSBC drama is another "person". Mickelson started off first on the day of the finals. He was explicit in her remark after an 18 holds performance: much more difficulties would be added to the competition by the wind today.

It increases the easy match to be challenge, so that the little-known player Peter becomes famous after match. It brings the competition into a wet "Monday time"-according to the preceding four years experience, She Mountain`s weather is not so simple. Will the weather interrupt to ruin the whole competition in the crucial time of today? Congratulations for you, your suspicion is in line with the weather broadcast.

In fact, the official of the competition provided the first weather forecast as early as this Wednesday. It predicted that Saturday would be sprinkle, while Sunday would be a heavy rain. Luckily, as time goes on, it seems that God attempt to give them an opportunity. Last year's heavy rain may not happen again. Today's would rain at night and continue to day after tomorrow. However, at the most crucial time of this HSBC champions the Sunday's daytime should be a cloudy day which is fit for playing golf. Certainly, it is hard to predict the weather as it changes, the new weather forecast comforts people`s worry. However, people can not complete take a easy breath before the finish of leading group. With the flood of people in the last two days, players on the court will not the only victims whose sunshine moods will be ruined by the unexpected and early-coming rain.

The area of the golf playground seems to be wide and large, but the players who will catch people's attention are no more than those 4 to 5 ones. So it will not hard to see the scene breaking out where people scramble and gather in one place, hustling and bustling in parts of the court! Trust me, watching a game while holding an umbrella especially in a rainy day you want to watch following the leading team, and yes, with your umbrella, would not be such a good memory. The view of in the play court will be great weakened by the impediment of layers of umbrellas although all possible advantages like the altitude and heights and so on have been made of to what is going on on the court. Woods hit the ball to the sand pole when he was attacking green with double eagle at the 18th hole. But he couldn't catch the bird successfully.

After the game, he mentioned the influence by the weather like other players. Undoubtly, to rain or not to rain, it's a question. After reading this article, you'd better look upon to the sky, that's the real clue.


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