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Skin Care in Autumn: Four Practical Freckles

It is often said,"10 Women 9 spot", in the beauty standard, with white skin,and same white like A4 white paper is the major criteria to evaluated a woman with temperament or not.7 Matters That Will Affect the Color of Your aigo iphone charger

The form of facial freckles is in a deep relation to the sunshine. If you absorb too much ultraviolet radiation,much liberal foundation will be producted,which can damage lots of cells,thus the pigment coming into being. If you do not want to add "spot", you can not skip each step in a skin-care, in addition to whitening, we who gradually become mature should begin to do it to be anti-oxidant, prevent aging and prevent the proliferation of the spot.Hey! The Designer of 2010 fashion trends Changed

1.Pressue will make the speckle appeared early

If one is under pressure in long time, the metabolic balance of the body would be destroyed, the necessary supply of nutrients that the skin needs tends to slow , and pigments mother cells will become active. You Know What? 2010 fashion trends Keep to be In Fashion During Summer The skin also need to be on leave, and the sleeping is very improtant for skin, even close eyes 10 minutes is very favorable for meditation. You should do well with appropriate care after working, so tired skin regains its vitality.

2, slow metabolism speed into spots

The nutrition is very important to skin.To take care of your skin well you should drink more water and soap and eat more fruits while the quality protein from the chicken and eggs also can help smoothen your skin.

3, using wrong cosmetics leading toxins settling into spots

You'd better use makeups for your own skin,or problems such as skin hypersusceptibility and pigment deposit will appear.

4. The number 1 killer-UV

Frequently exposed in strong sunlight, it not only promotes skin aging, and causes skin pigmentation, such as black spot, and freckles. So pay attention to avoid bask.Hat,umbrella and suntan oil are all tools which can protect you from sunburn.

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